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Memorial created 05-4-2007
August 10 2000 - May 3 2007


In loving memory of our Cookie who we love so much. Cookie will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

From the start this was all unexpected. There was no time to think or even imagine the worse possible.

On May 2nd, 2007 we realized that something was wrong. After several test we find out that she has kidney damage and that she had a 30% chance of surviving. We left the hospital in hopes that she had the strength to get through this. 3:30am on May 3rd, 2007 the doctor calls us to say that she was just getting worse.

I didn't want her to keep suffering and think that I left her in that hospital alone in pain. I rushed right over to be with her. The minute she saw me she tried to get up and wallk over but she was to weak. I comforted her and made her as comfortable as possible. At first she cried and it broke my heart and I knew she was afraid. I talked to her and relaxed her and she knew that things will be ok and that I was there with her. I was not going to leave her again.

I was ready, she went to sleep in peace. I didn't move and held her on her new journey. She was relaxed and eased, that made me feel calm. The doctor gave me a moment to say my last goodbyes. She was still warm. I closed her eyes and gave her kisses.

I did not imagine how hard this will be. I can't understand either why it is so hard for me. It was a hard choice for me and to be there alone. I feel empty and notice that I am going through the grieving process. I just don't know how this process will be. I understand she is at peace and no longer in pain. Her presence is what I miss dearly. The house is quiet now...

She left behind a human mother who loved her unbelievably. A human father who embraced her into our new lives together as a family, and a baby human brother who didn't get the chance to fully enjoy her. Last but not least, she left behind her sister from a different mother, Baby Girl. I have already realized her sorrow and feel her emptiness. It is a process and we will get through it as a family.

Cookie you are loved, missed, and forever and always in our hearts living in our memories, your place is home with us.


There are many ways to have a pet memorial. This page is one of the things we give tribute to our loved Cookie. We will also have her remains returned to us and hope to have a service with our family and friends. If you would like to do something in Cookie's memory there are many ideas on the web to keep her memory alive.

This page will only be open for 14 days. To keep this page alive forever there is a $35 donation that goes towards the humane society.

If you would like to donation a small portion of the $35 to keep Cookie's memory alive in our hearts and yours please contact Carline or Anthony. Thank you for your prayers and support.


3:55am in the hospital

Anthony and I would also like to take the time to thank my parents, Iris and Carlos, for supporting us, especially financially, when we couldn't. They did all they could 368 miles away from us. We greatly appreciate all you have done. We love you. Thank you.

Farewell Cookie. Until we meet again. Blessed Be.

~ The Vargas-Gonzalez Family


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